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The Social Mobile Revolution

We live in an era of the fastest growing technology enabled channels in the history of mankind : social media meets smart screens (mobiles, tablets and other emerging devices)

Did you know

  • There are 7.4 billion people in the world
  • There are 7.3 billion mobile phone connections
  • There are 2.3 billion active social network users
  • 53% of global mobile users are in APAC
  • 52% of global social media users are in APAC

Source: We are Social – Digital Overview Jan 2016, GSMA Intelligence data

The rapid growth of these platforms has changed the way consumers and brands interact and communicate online.



As consumers shift their attention to mobile devices to access social media, games, news, and information, advertisers are following suit, which in turn is fuelling demand and growth in the mobile advertising market Nobody doubts that the mobile advertising market is soaring – the only point of contention is by how much.

Source: Zenith Optimedia

Global advertising is on track to reach US$579bn by the end of 2016 and while mobile advertising was sitting at just $50bn of total advertising spend in 2015, it is predicted to rise to $115bn by 2018 accounting for 49.6% of internet expenditure and 18.7% of all expenditure.

Source: PWC Global Media & Entertainment Outlook 2014 – 2018

Key Asian markets are significantly underweight in their current levels of mobile and tablet advertising spend. However their rapid rate of smartphone adoption and large populations ensures that the spend levels will grow enormously in coming years.

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