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Snakk puts brands right where they need to be.

Snakk Media works with global and local brands to find and reach consumers using applications (apps), games and social media on their smartphones, tablets and other smart screens.

The company generates revenue every time it successfully targets and delivers an ad across its networks of mobile websites, apps and games. The ads are targeted to ensure the right audiences see them at the right time and place.

Our Work

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What we stand for

Snakk has remained relevant in a rapidly-changing industry by adhering to these company principles. To continue to succeed we must always provide the following to advertisers and partners:

Strong Outcomes – Advertisers only work with companies that get the results they need. From the lofty heights of market aspirations to the granular details of campaign metrics and attribution, outcomes are what drives advertisers. Snakk gets to the heart of a brand’s strategy, understanding their goals and delivering the right outcomes.

Amazing Creative – It’s not just about mobile media technology. Advertisers demand mobile creativity that gives them a competitive edge and captures the attention of consumers. Snakk has delivered over 1600 mobile creative campaigns since 2010, winning awards and recognition in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and on a global stage.

Brilliant Service – Advertisers need consultative, skilled and hardworking partners in a rapidly evolving mobile media landscape. Snakk’s service culture is built around a philosophy of leadership via innovation, education and reliability. While technology and creativity are vital, brilliant service from every department at Snakk is core to our success.

Our Timeline

Snakk was founded in 2010 and listed on the NZAX in 2013. View our timeline here.

Major Screen Trends Snakk is Built On

Advances in mobile technology is changing the way users consume content, the way businesses are built and brands are developed. We believe these trends will continue to create significant growth opportunities for Snakk, and for the mobile advertising industry as a whole.

Breakthrough Mobile Devices and Screens
As the device manufacturers continue to battle it out for market share the consumer is the ultimate winner. Lower prices and better user experiences extend the reach and possibilities of what can be achieved using a smart screen. These screens and mobile channels have become a critical part of daily life for increasing numbers of the population. 

Shift to High Speed Access in Developing Markets
With the growth of mobile devices, everyone expects to have a broadband like experience across all their devices. Expansion of 3G/4G networks worldwide, along with increasing numbers of Wi-Fi zones, are flooding the world with high-speed connectivity.

The Rise of Mobile Apps
Once considered a mere fad a few years ago, applications (apps) are now completely dominating how users are spending their time on their smartphones.  Snakk is an ‘in-app’ advertising media specialist. With almost 90%* of mobile web traffic occurring via apps, expertise in this channel is critical to succeeding in the mobile advertising category. [*source:]

Our Performance

Our Share price

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Investing in Snakk Media

Snakk Media Limited, is traded on NXT, a licensed market operated by the NZ Stock Exchange (NZX), under the symbol SNK.

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